consultation inquiries:

consultation inquiries:

Product Development

With over 10 years of experience bringing a multitude of products to market I have a unique and valuable perspective on all aspects of product development. Whether you are launching a new business and need guidance on the best avenues to pursue or you are a a seasoned business owner but find that sales are stagnant, I can asses your individual needs and help build a plan suited to your brand. I have developed and launched product in boutique bespoke settings as well as working with major national brands launching full collections spanning multiple quarters with a layered catalog approach.


Design thrives in a collaborative environment. I have over 15 years of experience in the Design fields from both a product and interior architecture perspective. One factor that sets me apart from many designers is my extensive experience in both design and manufacturing. Conceptualizing a design with a clear manufacturing, development and marketing process in mind is key to building a successful business. I can help with these issues and concerns by designing directly for your brand or by providing critique and feedback for designs addressing issues of concept and execution as well as cost, overhead, distribution and market needs.



I have over a decade of experience manufacturing products from lighting to hardware, furniture and accessories employing various processes spanning both hand built one-of-a-kind to volume production for contract and hospitality. I am available to identify inefficiencies in production, work-flow and process creep as well as help with vendor relations, raw materials, inventory, cash flow issues and material volatility. I have worked intimately at every level of a mid-size manufacturing facility and see these issues as design problems that can be addressed in a multitude of ways.

Marketing and Publication

A business can offer the most exquisite and unique products but if no one knows it exists it will never sell. In one business alone my products were featured in over 30 major publications including the New York Times, Vogue and Dwell. My experience and knowledge concerning photography, what editors are looking for and market trends allows me to understand the path to optimizing publication and marketing for almost any type of product or business model. Tradeshows can be a strong platform, or a huge burden if not taken advantage of properly. I have shown at ICFF, NYNow, The AD Show as well as Dwell on Design for years and am connected to the International Show circuit through Salone Del Mobile in Milan, Italy. Deciding if a trade show is right for your brand, or if you need help navigating what shows are best and how to properly take advantage of them are all topics I have years of experience with.